How to analyze the bottom of gold trading?

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How to analyze the bottom shape of spot gold trend?

1. Gold trading operation w bottom form should pay attention to the selection of the best entry point, the best point has two places: one is the price when the price breaks through the neck high. The second is when the price broke through the neckline for the second time.

2. We should also pay attention to the timing of profit taking. There are also two opportunities for w-bottom profit settlement. One is the price when the price rises to twice the vertical distance from the line connecting the two bottom lows to the neckline.

The second closing price can refer to the rebound high formed in the previous market. However, after the formation of some w-bottom, it is difficult to judge when it will reach the top. In this case, don't rush to close the position, but gradually push up the stop loss price to deal with it, so as to maximize the profits of a round of rising market.

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