Analysis of gold MACD capture band method


It doesn't mean it's useless in the gold market. The K-line is standard, the moving average finds and defines trends, KDJ finds overbought areas, and MACD can help capture a band. The following small series with you to learn about the gold price MACD capture band method.

MACD index is mainly used to judge the long-term upward or downward trend of the general trend. When the gold price is in the market or the index fluctuation is not obvious, the trading signal of MACD is not obvious. When the gold price fluctuates greatly in a short period of time, the MACD moves slowly, so it will not produce trading signal to the gold price immediately.

MACD mainly uses two long-term and short-term smooth average lines to calculate the difference between them, which is the basis for judging the market. MACD index is a trend index based on the construction principle of moving average after smoothing the closing price (calculating the arithmetic mean). It mainly consists of two parts, that is, DIF and DEA, in which dif is the core and DEA is the auxiliary. DIF is the difference between the fast smooth moving average (ema1) and the slow smooth moving average (ema2).

In the existing technical analysis software, the parameters of MACD are 12 for fast smooth moving average and 26 for slow smooth moving average. In addition, MACD has an auxiliary index bar. In most technical analysis software, the columnar line is colored, below the 0 axis is green, above the 0 axis is red, the former represents a weak trend, the latter represents a strong trend.

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