How to save handling charge in gold speculation

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The so-called gold speculation mainly includes: physical gold, paper gold and spot gold. Only physical gold can cash gold bars, but the income is much smaller than stocks. Trading operations on electronic software are common. So, how to save the handling charge?

1. Choose the account opening channel with low transaction cost

As we all know, the gold T + D business of Shanghai gold exchange can be handled by many banks, but the transaction handling charges of each bank are different, and the proportion of handling charges of state-owned old banks is relatively higher.

2. The transaction cost is closely related to the operation style

As a medium and long-term trader, the level of handling charge has little impact on its profit, because its trading frequency is very small, so the transaction cost is very low. For short-term investors, the level of transaction costs has a great impact on profitability, and sometimes it can even determine whether your transaction is a loss or a profit!

Of course, for some technical experts, can accurately grasp some short-term opportunities in the market, short-term trading is also a good choice! And for most ordinary investors, if the success rate of short-term investment is not high, coupled with frequent trading, it will speed up the speed of loss!

3. Change of trading varieties

At present, domestic precious metal investment channels are relatively rich. In order to get the favor of investors, the platforms compete in the transaction cost.

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