What do golden fork and death mean? MACD diagram and golden fork


What is the MACD golden fork and dead index? And what does it mean? Maybe many shareholders have little knowledge. In order to enable the majority of shareholders to fully understand the meaning of MACD golden fork and dead fork, the following is a detailed introduction to the graphics and explanation of MACD golden fork and dead fork

What does MACD golden fork mean

MACD index is an important technical index in stock technical analysis, which is composed of two curves and a group of red and green lines. In the two curves, the diff line, usually white line or red line, fluctuates greatly, and the relative stable line is the DEA line (MACD line), usually yellow line. When the diff line goes through the DEA line, this technical form is called MACD golden fork, which is usually a buy signal.

According to the different position of MACD index, golden fork has different market meanings. When MACD golden fork appears above or near the 0 axis, it is a strong buying signal. The golden fork near the o axis is better than that above the o axis. When it is close to the o axis, it means that at the beginning of the rise, the stock price will have more room to rise in the future, and the risk of buying is relatively small. The MACD golden fork below the O-axis indicates that many parties have the upper hand for the time being, but the rising market has not yet fully unfolded, so there will be certain risks in intervening at this time. If MACD golden fork appears with the gradual amplification of trading volume, it represents the enhancement of multi-party power, and the bullish signal is more reliable at this time.

MACD index golden fork diagram:

As shown in the figure, after the dif line goes through the DEA line (the white line goes through the yellow line), the MACD golden fork is formed. With the gradual increase of trading volume, the stock price rises all the way. If investors intervene when MACD golden fork is formed and trading volume is enlarged, they will make a lot of profits.

In the choice of stocks, try to choose the 60 day line has been flat or head up stocks, while all moving average is long. Pay attention to the MACD near the O-axis to change the disk strength, whether it is up or down, golden fork or dead fork are the same. The farther away from the O-axis, the smaller the disk force.

MACD golden fork combat skills:

1. MACD low once golden fork, may not be able to rise stocks, but "MACD low twice golden fork" out of the probability of soaring stocks and grasp higher.

2. "MACD low two golden fork" out of the probability of soaring stocks and grasp so higher, because after the "first golden fork", although the short again small attack, resulting in another dead fork, but the short attack in the multi-party "two golden fork" in front of, encounter rout. Thus, it causes the eruption of bull power.

3. "MACD low secondary golden fork", if combined with the attack form of K-line, the credibility will be improved, and the operator will be easier to make up his mind to intervene.

What does MACD mean

When MACD is crossing the dead line, we should pay attention to the risk index.

Of course, not all stocks have a dead cross, it is a big drop, it depends on the position of the stock.

MACD dead cross diagram:

If there is a dead fork in the high position of the stock, it may be the beginning of a big drop. Of course, it is not a 100% big drop. It is necessary to combine the technical aspect with the subject matter aspect. Maybe it is an adjustment. Maybe there will be a good future and a big rise. This is still to be analyzed according to the situation of individual stocks.

If there is a dead fork in the process of the rise of the stock, it may be the main washing behavior, or it should be analyzed according to the situation of individual stocks.

If there is a dead fork at the bottom of the stock, it may continue to fall sharply, because the bottom of the stock is unfathomable. A stock has a big bad interest, from 50 yuan to 25 yuan, maybe to 10 yuan, maybe to 5 yuan. Therefore, we should make an analysis according to the situation of individual stocks, and never read a dead book, especially in the stock market It's miserable, because the trend of every stock is different.

After reading the MACD golden fork and dead fork diagram, do you feel suddenly enlightened?

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