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With the development of network,banking businessIt has also become more convenient. We don't need to go to the bank. We can use mobile phones or computers to transfer money at home, which is also called telegraphic transfer. Is there a handling charge for telegraphic transfer? How much is the handling charge?

1、 Introduction

Bank telegraphic transfer: After accepting the entrustment of the remitter (applicant), the remitter informs the local remitting bank of the payee of the payment entrustment by telex, and entrusts it to pay a certain amount of money to the designated payee. Telegraphic transfer is the most widely used of the three payment methods because of its rapid payment.

Telegraphic transfer is a kind of fast remittance, which is most widely used in practical business. Its bank charges are higher than that of bill transfer. In addition to remittance fees, it also needs to charge corresponding telecommunication fees.

Bank wire transfer: it refers to the way that the Bank instructs the agent to pay the money to the designated payee by cable, telex or swift.

2、 Bank introduction

Telegraphic transfer is the most common form of remittanceforeign exchangeIn general, it takes only 2-3 days to reach the designated account. Of course, it will be postponed in some cases, even in holidays. At present, the cost of the bank is not fixed, and it will not be too high. There will be a certain difference between the amount actually received and the amount remitted. Some banks will also provide the way of full payment, but the handling charge will be relatively higher than most, so it is recommended not to use it. The wire transfer service charges of the four major banks are basically the same, and there is not much difference. Customers can choose according to their own conditions.

3、 Service charge

Telegraphic transfer service charge 1% minimum 1 yuan maximum 50 yuan the fastest day to the account, slow the next day to the account

Today, with the development of network, it is more and more convenient for us to handle affairs. It is reasonable for relevant banks and other enterprises to charge relevant service charges. After all, it is more convenient than us to go to the bank in the summer.

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