What are the attributes of foreign exchange investment companies?

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Foreign exchange investment companies can be roughly divided into two types: allowing customers to trade on their own behalf and trading on behalf of customers. What are the main profit ways of the former? Let's take a look at them today.

01 the source of income of foreign exchange investment companies is the transaction fees of customers, which is similar to the brokerage business of securities companies and futures companies. Generally, the foreign exchange trading platform represented by foreign exchange investment companies will give the investment companies several handling charges on the basis of the point difference of each variety, which is the direct and main income of the investment companies. The general handling charge varies from 3 to 5 points, which seems to be small, but it is actually relatively high. Experienced investors will skip the investment company and directly open an account on the official website of the foreign exchange trading platform, so as to avoid being charged a handling charge. Of course, if all the investors do this, the investment companies will have to shut down.

The nature of foreign exchange investment companies is worse. This kind of investment company takes the loss of customers as its source of income, and naturally tries to make customers lose money. For them, the sooner customers die, the better. So if a client meets this kind of investment company, nine times out of ten he will lose money. But do not worry, there is a way to avoid this situation, that is, from the choice of formal foreign exchange trading platform. Because the foreign exchange trading platforms represented by investment companies that rely on customers' loss making profits are basically black platforms. Generally, regular platforms do not allow investment companies to take customers' positions. Of course, the best way is to bypass the investment company and directly open an account on the official website of the foreign exchange trading platform.

03 foreign exchange investment companies are the worst. They not only eat the loss money of customers, but also take the high transaction fees of customers, so this kind of investment company constantly makes customers trade in high frequency, at the same time, it also constantly tries to make customers lose money. And the vast majority of investment companies that suffer losses from customers will also take transaction fees from customers. The way to avoid falling into the trap of this kind of investment company is the same as the second one, starting from the choice of platform or directly skipping the investment company.

In the future, the development potential of the foreign exchange market will be very large, and the policies and plans will become more and more perfect. Investors must take advantage of this wave.

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