What do you need to bring when you buy foreign currency and what procedures do you need to bring when you exchange foreign currency?

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Now it is a global economy. Whether it's traveling or studying abroad, when you go to another country, you have to exchange foreign currency. In this way, it is more convenient to go shopping abroad. So, where do you need to exchange foreign currency? What are the conditions?

1. Foreign currency can be exchanged in the bank. The handling charge is relatively low when applying for currency exchange in the bank, and sometimes there is no handling charge. And nowBank of ChinaIt is the cheapest bank in all banks to exchange foreign currency, and it is also the bank with the most exchange currency. If you need to exchange some less popular currencies, the Bank of China is the only choice. At present, China's construction, construction, industry, agriculture and other industries are developing rapidlyChina Merchants BankCan handle foreign currency exchange business.

2. At present, Beijing Capital International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport have many foreign currency exchange points. You can exchange foreign currency for travel. Offices with banks have foreign currency exchange points at the airport. However, the waiting time for foreign currency exchange at the airport will be longer, and the handling charge will be more expensive.

3. Personalforeign exchangeThe authorized institution of individual foreign exchange exchange is approved by the State Administration of foreign exchange. Compared with the above two methods, it is faster, the service charge is relatively low, and the capital is also guaranteed to be safe. And the currency is relatively complete. Holidays are also normal business, business hours relative to the bank and airport exchange point is also more free, do not need customers to rush to exchange in the specified time. If you want to exchange foreign currency in the bank, please pay attention to the time and amount. If you need to exchange foreign currency above 50000 yuan, you need to make an appointment in advance. If you are in an individual foreign exchange agency, you need to bring your ID card with you. This is the content of foreign currency exchange. Now there are many places to exchange foreign currency, which is also very convenient. I hope you can make preparations in advance and bring relevant materials when necessary, so that you can live more conveniently abroad.

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