Speculation in foreign exchange: the important thing is to see the right time

Speculation in foreign exchange/

Can real foreign exchange really make money? In this regard, the global gold exchange provides a more detailed explanation for wealth management investors.
Foreign exchange trading is t + 0 trading mode, and it is also a two-way transaction that investors can buy and buy. In financial investment, buying money can make money, which is acceptable to investors and easy to understand. But many investors are unbelievable about the way they buy money and how they make money. For example, foreign exchange speculation, buying and selling can make money, so many people will be confused, how to make money? It is understandable that investors have this idea, but for the two-way foreign exchange trading mode, foreign exchange speculation can buy out, and foreign exchange speculation can make money.
The reason why investors make money in a certain period of time is mainly because foreign exchange investors choose short selling or short selling, which is mainly because foreign exchange investors have to buy and sell rivals. In other words, when you sell, there is a party willing to buy you. When you buy it, others will sell it to you and you will be able to reach an agreement. In a two-way trade looking in the right direction, foreign exchange investors can win.
Take euro / USD as an example to illustrate how long-term and short selling can achieve profitability
First of all, when speculating in foreign exchange, investors need to determine the exchange rate of euro to us dollar through technology and basic aspects. If investors look at the market and decide that the exchange rate will rise, the dollar should be converted into euro. If the exchange rate is 1.0100 at this time, the investor will make a transaction, that is $1010. When the price rises to 1.0101, investors sell the euro against the US dollar and close out, and then investors get 1 point or 10 US dollars;
When investors analyze the technical and basic aspects and come to the conclusion that the exchange rate of euro against US dollar will decline, investors can use margin to borrow euro from dealers. If the investor finds that the exchange rate is 1.0100, the investor is also selling. When the exchange rate drops to a certain extent, investors buy euro and give traders profits. We earn 1 point and 10 US dollars.
In fact, foreign exchange speculation is a two-way trading operation. Buying makes money. Buying money can also make money. Both buying and buying can make money. As long as you look at the direction of the market, foreign exchange speculation can buy and sell.

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