Foreign exchange firm offer trading lock position is a double-edged sword

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The so-called "lock in" refers to that the investor holds a positive position, but reverses due to the sudden reversal of market conditions, and then establishes the same number of reverse positions to "lock in" the floating profits or losses that have occurred, but does not immediately take decisive action to stop profits / losses, and only uses the delaying strategy to make up for the wrong position.

(B) Lock in losses. Lock is not necessarily a desirable method. When the market moves in the opposite direction after the transaction, everyone will question their own judgment. At this time, it is the time to really test a person's analytical ability. The market is clearly moving in the opposite direction of their own analysis. The loss sheet in hand will not appear, and heaven and man will fight

Because there is a loss at this time, most people are unable to make a calm judgment. They always think that their analysis is correct and confirm that the market will move in the direction of their analysis. At this time, this person has already gone into the abyss. In my trading in recent years, few traders can perfectly use the method of locking loss orders, Profit investors are basically timely appearance, rearrangement strategy

After "lock in", it is necessary to close the profitable position, commonly known as "open the position". However, the principle of "open the position" is the same as that of "open a new position". However, if the market is no longer wrong, the loss will continue to increase. I hope to understand that "lock in" is a sugar coated poison. Wise people will not use this unscrupulous strategy at a loss.

The above is my personal opinion on the lockup. I can't move my money there. I watch the interest deducted every day. Because I don't close the position, I can only fight for one more hope for myself, because I will close the position sooner or later. This kind of operation method can only be an excuse for my lack of analysis ability, but if I deduct your interest every day, I can't get your money here for 1000 years Come out, until the interest deduction to burst. So this kind of only lock not open method is the most loss of a practice.

When you encounter a loss, you should firmly give an attitude. At this time, the attitude is very important. If you lose money, you should go out to have a rest first. Money is for you to earn all your life, not just in a few days. I don't think it's advisable to lock your position. If anyone has any objection and thinks that your level of locking your position is high, then you are wrong when you move. Don't be wrong It's better to use as little as possible.

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