When will the money be deducted from the winning shares

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After winning the lottery, the payment will be made on the same day. The third day after the stock purchase results, the day before 4 pm to ensure that there is sufficient funds in the account, in order to deduct.

Winning the lottery refers to the lottery of new shares before the issuance of new shares, which is divided into online subscription and offline subscription. Generally, small and medium-sized investors are suitable for online subscription.

The operation of online subscription is similar to that of stock purchase, but the difference is to apply in advance. The way to apply is to draw lots by purchase number, each number represents 500 shares, and the upper limit of online purchase is that each person accounts for one thousandth of the total share capital. Within the limit of one thousandth, subscribers can choose how many shares they want to purchase on their own, provided that the funds are sufficient. For example, if the issue price of a certain share is 5 yuan, if you want to apply for 100 numbers, that is, 50000 shares, you need to take out 250000 to purchase. After the purchase, the funds will be temporarily frozen, and you will get 100 numbers at the same time. In the next few days, lots will be drawn. If one of your 100 numbers is lucky enough to be drawn, you will win. For example, you won five numbers, that is 2500 shares. The funds corresponding to the remaining 95 numbers, that is 237500 yuan, will be returned to your account.

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