How to open a stock account

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There are three ways to open a stock account.

First: open an account online

You need to log in to the official website of the securities company and register. After successful registration, choose to attach to the sales department, upload photos, and click "fill in the next data". After filling in the information, enter the video witness stage, reconfirm the information of the account holder, and set and install the password of the digital certificate. Then select the shareholder account to be opened, set the transaction password and fund password, and then enter the three-party deposit page to select the bank to be used as the three-party deposit. After that, conduct the risk assessment test, complete the questionnaire return visit, and submit the account opening application.

The second: the sales department on-site account

You need to go to the securities company to go through the relevant procedures of Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Stock Exchange shareholder account card and capital account, and download the online trading software designated by the securities company. Note here, I must go through the account opening procedures, open a securities account with the original and copy of my ID card, and open a capital account with the original and copy of the securities account card.

The third: mobile phone account. Just install the corresponding software in the app store, fill in the personal information and bank card, and pass the audit.

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