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Want to know how to play stock, but don't know how to start? It doesn't matter. Today, Dr. Kang will teach you some simple introductory knowledge about stocks.

The first step is to register an account first. Now there are many trading platforms, you can go to the local securities company stores, you can also open an account online, compared with a few years ago, it is much more convenient.

The second step, with the account, we should make clear the stock trading rules, do not buy and sell blindly Oh! One of them, we must remember, is that the stocks bought today can only be sold after tomorrow! As we all know, stocks go up and down. If the price of a stock rises, it may be that people recognize the value of the stock and buy more; if some stocks fall, it may be that people lack confidence in the stock and cause people to sell in a short time. So, especially remind novice friends, must study the stock, have a certain understanding of it, such as the stock on behalf of the product or the company's situation investigation, in order to decide whether to buy or sell Oh!

Dr. Kang reminds us that we must find a strategy suitable for our own operation, whether we are doing long-term or short-term business. "There are risks in the stock market, so investment should be cautious". It takes a long time to invest in the stock market and make profits slowly.

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