What is the deviation of trix index?

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There are a variety of different types of technical indicators in the market, for different technical indicators corresponding to the market price will produce different technical graphics. Xiaobian shares with you the top deviation and bottom deviation figures in trix technical indicators, so what is the top deviation and bottom deviation figure of trix index? What does it stand for?

First of all, in the A-share market, deviating from the form of investors can be understood as technical indicators leaving the original track of development, appearing in the market price of the anti trend form.

Trix index is a medium and long-term technical index. The deviation of trix index can be used to observe the medium and long-term trend, opportunity or risk.

Trixz index deviation can be divided into two types: bottom deviation and top deviation.

1. Bottom deviation of trix index

Bottom deviation generally occurs in the bottom area of the underlying price. The price trend in the K-line graph is in a downward trend, and the price continues to fall. However, when trix (white line) and matrix (yellow line) gradually rise, the market price gradually falls, but trix index gradually rises. This belongs to the trend of deviation from the bottom of the trix. To determine the effective formation of the "golden fork" from the trend of deviation from the bottom of the trix belongs to the buying point reference (as shown in the figure below).

2. Top deviation of trix index

The top deviation generally appears in the top region of the target price. In the K-line graph, the price trend is in the upward trend, and the price continues to rise. However, the gradual decline of the white line and yellow line of the trix index leads to the gradual rise of the market price, but the gradual decline of the trix index, which is the trend of the top deviation of the trix. It is a selling point reference to determine that the top deviation trend of trix effectively forms a "dead fork" (as shown in the figure below).

Generally speaking, the deviation trend of trix index is generally used for the medium and long-term observation of market and the reference of stock trading point. But investors need to pay attention

If the disk is in the adjustment of the market, the effectiveness of the index graph for individual stocks is weak

Any technical indicators, information, fundamentals are one-sided, so investors need to observe the overall market and rational analysis to improve the success rate of investment.

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