Signal subscription Guide

1. What is signal subscription

Signal subscription bridges the gap between valuable information and transaction execution in the trading market. Through the subscription system of the platform, your trading account can quickly and automatically execute transactions in your account (which can be set according to your own preferences) by following the order signals provided by excellent traders on the platform.
With our subscription system, you don't need to learn or monitor the market.
All you need to do is to select your favorite trader. The platform subscription system will directly copy the trader’s order signals in real time as real transactions in your account.


2. What is a signal provider

"Signal providers" are platform traders who share their order trading information for other users of the platform to copy and follow. Each transaction order in the signal provider's account is sent to the platform subscription system in the form of a signal. All user accounts subscribing to the signal will automatically copy the transaction signal of the signal provider in real time to complete the follow-up transaction of the account.


3. What is a signal subscriber

"Signal subscribers" are platform clients who choose to subscribe to the transaction signal of the signal provider. When signal provider trades, the platform subscription system will automatically execute the transaction operation in their demo or live trading account according to the rules.


3. How to apply to become a signal provider

All traders with live accounts on the platform can apply to become the signal provider of the platform to earn subscription fees. However, only the signals that meet the following conditions will be shown in the signal list:

  • At least closed/opened one position order in last 13 weeks;
  • The accumulated net profit in last 13 weeks is greater than 0


4. Signal scoring system

The score of signal provider's account is calculated according to its daily trading performance, a comprehensive score calculated based on factors such as stability, profitability, risk control ability, non-lucky profitability, and capital scale of the account trading performance in the past 13 weeks. The score will be updated once a week.

Account score = Profitability * 30% + Stability* 20% + Risk Control Ability * 20% + Non-lucky Profit * 10% + Capital Scale * 10%;
Score range: 1-10 points.

  • Profitabilitycalculated based on the account ROI (%) of the last 13 weeks.
    1 point for PR < = 0.1%, 10 points for pr >= 5%;
    Linear regression formula = 0.9 + 179.6 x PR.

  • Risk control capabilitycalculated based on the account Max DD (%) of last 13 weeks.
    1 point for d >= 60%, 10 points for d <= 10%;
    Linear regression formula = 11.64 - 17.6 x D.

  • Stability: calculated based on the account negative standard deviation of ROI (%) of last 13 weeks.
    N is the total number of weekly losses. If N = 0, that is, which means there is no loss week, then the lower standard deviation value would be 0;
    1 point for S >= 15%, 10 points for s <= 1%;
    Linear regression formula = 10.5 - 62.85 x S.

  • Non-lucky profit: calculated based on the quotient of the sum profit of top 10 trades and the total profit of the account in the past 13 weeks.
    1 point for P >= 80%, 10 points for P <= 20%;
    Linear regression formula   = 12.81 - 14.67 x P.

  • Capital scale: calculated based on the account equity of the last week.
    1 point for E <= $1000, 10 points for E >= $10000;
    Linear regression formula = 0.08 + 0.98 x E / 1000.


5. Subscription fee

In order to create a good copytrading environment, the platform signal subscription system adopts the model of "traders set signal prices and followers pay for subscriptions on a monthly basis" to avoid potential conflicts of interest between traders and followers caused by commission rebate based on trading volume, such as traders frequently traded and slashed commission, resulting in losses in followers’ accounts.

The price setting range of the subscription fee depends the score of the signal.
Account score Maximum subscription fee
< 5 points $1 / 30 days
>=5 points $5 / 30 days
>=6 points $10 / 30 days
>=7 points $20 / 30 days
>=8 points $30 / 30 days
>=8.5 points $50 / 30 days
>=9 points $75 / 30 days
>=9.5 points $100 / 30 days
* The signal provider can adjust the subscription price once a week.

Subscription fee collection conditions

During the subscription period, if the trading signal fails to meet the following conditions, the subscription fee will be automatically refunded to the signal subscriber's wallet
a. The drawdown of the Signal is larger than 20%
b. The number of the trading orders is less than 10 or the total trading volume is less than 1 lot

If the signal provider turns on the "subscription guarantee" function, when the total revenue of the signal provider and the signal subscriber following the transaction order during the subscription period is less than the set amount (including swap fee, commission and floating P/L), the platform signal subscription system will automatically refund the current subscription fee to the wallet of the signal subscriber. Turning on the "subscription guarantee" function will have a dedicated label in the community and signal list page, which makes it easier to attract signal subscribers to subscribe to the signal.


6. Subscription rules

Signal subscribers can filter signals that meet their preferences in the signal list.
The signal subscriber only needs to pay the subscription fee to automatically copy the transaction signal, and the subscription fee is settled every 30 days.
In order to make the copytrading simpler, the platform signal subscription system only provides "By Prorate" copytrading mode:

  • By Prorate: open a position according to a certain percentage of the signal provider's standard lot of open position. Every time a signal provider opens a position, the standard lot for opening a position in your account will be executed according to the percentage you set multiplied by the signal provider's standard lot.

If the trader turns on the "Subscription Protection" function, the current subscription fee will be automatically refunded to the follower's wallet when the net profit of the trader’s orders and follower’s following orders is less than the amount set by the signal provider (including swap fee, commission and floating P/L) during the subscription period.

7. Restrictions to the signal providers

In order to reduce trading risks, the trading rules that signal providers must follow are as below:
  1. The maximum position loss pips of the account should not be greater than the total closed profit pips of the account. This requirement applies to traders who have sufficient trading records.
  2. The maximum loss of any single trade should not be greater than 700 pips.
  3. The platform does not recommend trading strategy with a winning rate close to 100%. This is potentially dangerous and may produce unusual loss pips.
  4. The platform does not recommend scalp trading. scalp trading often cause different trading results to the signal subscribers.

8. Subscription risk control system of the platform

In order to reduce the risk of copy trading, the platform signal subscription system provides an intelligent risk control tools which listed as following. The system will automatically monitor the account in real time.

  1. Stop following all traders: once activated, it will stop following opening position and existing position will continue to follow closing.
  2. Maximum trading volume: the subscription system will open position with the maximum volume when the trading volume exceeds the setting value.
  3. Maximum position: no new position will be accepted if the total position exceeds the setting value. Only when the total position is less than the setting value will it continue to follow the opening position.

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