What are the foreign exchange skills?

Whether the project is invested in China's sales market, or in the international market for project investment, whether it is for project investment in general goods or financial goods, the basic countermeasures for project investment are consistent, especially in the more complicated foreign exchange market. Although each person's project investment strategies are different, some are basic. For example, the summary of foreign exchange speculation skills below is of great practical value to all kinds of investors. Today, I'd like to talk about the skills of frying foreign exchange?

(1) Foreign exchange should be invested in leisure assets

If the investor invests in the project with the necessary expenses of daily life, in case of loss, it will immediately endanger the life of the family. Then, in the current investment market, the chances of failure will increase. As a result of using a sum of money that should not be used for project investment to gather money, the psychological state is already in the inferior position, so it is impossible to maintain an objective and rational mentality in the management decision-making.

(2) Do foreign exchange should know each other and know yourself

We must know our own temperament. It is very easy to have unstable desires or emotions, and it is not suitable for this sales market if the trend is more serious. Most of the successful investors can manage their own mentality and have serious and meticulous organizational discipline, and can reasonably bind themselves.

(3) Don't trade too much in foreign exchange

To become a successful investor, one of the criteria is to maintain assets above 3 times at any time to cope with price fluctuations. If you are not rich in assets, you should reduce the amount of trading contracts you hold. Otherwise, you will be forced to "close your positions" to empty your assets because of the shortage of funds. Even if it turns out that your eyes are accurate, it will not help.

(4) Recognize the sales market and get rid of imagination

There is no need to be emotional, too much looking forward to the future and remembering the past. A British futures trader said: a man full of hope is a happy and happy person, but he is not suitable to be an investor. A successful investor can separate his emotion from his trading.

(5) Don't change your mind in foreign exchange

It is very risky to make a temporary decision according to the price change and sales market information of the day.

(6) Make a modest stop

Day after day trading can slow your discrimination. A successful investor said: every time I feel the mental outlook and discrimination efficiency is as low as 90%, I can't make any money at the beginning, and when your situation is lower than 90%, I just start to lose money. Therefore, I can learn to put everything down and go on holiday for a few weeks. A short rest can help you understand the sales market and yourself, and help you to understand the direction of future project investment. Investor quote: when too close to the mountains, you can't even recognize the trees at present.

(7) Do not follow the trend blindly when doing foreign exchange

Successful investors are not likely to follow suit blindly. When everyone thinks they should buy it, they sell it out of the blue. When everyone is in the same project investment position, especially when these small investors are also competing to follow, the successful investor will feel the risk and change the route. This is the same as the basic theory of treason. When most people say they want to buy it, you should sell it by surprise.

(8) Reject other people's opinions

When you have the position of the sales market and have a basic decision, you don't have to change your decision at will because of the harm of others. Sometimes other people's opinions seem to be effective, so it's better to encourage you to change your mind, but it's the decision that you'll notice later. To put it bluntly, other people's opinions only refer to their own opinions, which can be regarded as the decision-making of transactions.

(9) When there is no doubt about it, hesitate for a while

It is not necessary to open the market every day. New arrivals are usually keen on opening trading, but successful investors will wait for opportunities and give priority to leaving the market when they feel doubts after opening.

(10) Foreign exchange should be fearless in the face of crisis

When a project is invested in the foreign exchange trading market, there are many psychological barriers to success. One of the most common situations is that when the investor deals with the damage and knows that he can't be lucky, he usually hesitates and can't face the danger. Therefore, the more he falls, the more the damage increases.

(11) Bid farewell to past prices

"Past price" is a very difficult psychological problem to overcome. Many investors, that is to say, due to the harm of the past price, lead to the project investment discrimination is not correct. Generally speaking, after seeing the sky high price, when the sales market drops, they will feel very unaccustomed to the new cheap price; At that time, even though all kinds of analysis showed that the trend would fall again after the information, and the investment climate in the sales market was extremely extreme, before the new reserve price level, investors not only could not easily sell their own goods, but also felt "low" but had a desire to buy, and as a result, they were caught dead set after buying. Therefore, investors should "bid farewell to past prices".

(12) Tolerance is all project investment

There is a well-known saying in the investment market at present. It is believed that very few investors can guarantee this. People who work in project investment must build good willpower, which is usually an important factor for success and failure. Many investors do not have low logical thinking ability, nor do they lack project investment experience. They just lack the physical strength to buy or sell too early, resulting in unnecessary damage.

(13) The position of stopping erosion should be set in foreign exchange

It is a key project investment method. Because of the high risk of project investment operation, in order to prevent the damage caused by project investment error, we should set a stop loss plate at each opening transaction, that is, when the interest rate falls to a certain predetermined price and will fall, the transaction will be paid off immediately. Therefore, this kind of accounting is the order information to limit the damage, so that people can limit the further expansion of the damage 。

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