What are the characteristics of spot gold external market?

When investing in spot gold, we often hear the word "outside". So what is spot gold outside? How about spot gold? What are the characteristics of spot gold external market?

The obvious characteristics of gold external trading are: large scale introduction of market maker system, 24-hour global trading, multiple leverage multiples and hand number selection, various trading means and instructions, fast and convenient, suitable for different types of traders, large trading volume, wide audience and deep foundation of traders.

The introduction of market maker system into gold external trading is the basis of flexible trading time and 24-hour continuous trading of gold.

Since gold trading is a global market, from the Asia Pacific market in the early morning of Beijing time, it has gone through Asian time, European time, American time, and extended trading hours through electronic disk to 24-hour uninterrupted offer trading. Until the North American market closed in the early morning of Beijing time, the trading for a week ended.

Before the emergence of electronic disk, according to the trading hours of major global markets, gold trading in external markets was divided into Asian, European and American markets. However, after the emergence of electronic disk extension Trading and the off-site electronic trading period, gold trading has covered all 24-hour trading hours.

The market maker system greatly enlivens the external gold trading market, and its rich and varied trading means and trading orders meet the needs of different traders to the greatest extent.

The global 24-hour uninterrupted trading and flexible and convenient trading mode make the external gold become a trading variety favored by different risk types, investors and speculators.

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